Maxime Brigou (°Roeselare - 1992)

works and lives in Ghent.

master degree visual arts at Royal Academie for fine Arts Ghent

Co-founder artist collective NADAR

Running artist-run space Ontsteking.

Despite the fact that in recent years she mainly focused on making sculptures and installations, her past as a painter is never far away. Instead of focussing on solitary sculptures she is always looking for images l'image, a flash of what it could be, what you want it to be. The Perfect Image) Evocative and suggestive, that object in front of you as a whole. When approaching what you see like this, time and space inevitably become an essential theme of these images. Sometimes these images can feel really slow and barely show themselfs , sometimes they are fast and downright exhibitionistic. They pull in the surrounding elements and try to pinpoint what we fail or forget to see. 

2020- new works in the serie COUP D’OEIL

The obsession with the given time is the cause of this artistic practice. Time is everything, time is change, stagnation, memory, future, expectation, hopelessness, the sublime, rhythm, repetition, redoing, destroying, light and dark. There is no opposing concept of time imaginable. The passing of it is perhaps the only thing one can ever be sure of.

My practice has it’s main focus on trying to capture the idea of time and space through actions and shapes. There is no concrete, everlasting manifestation. The visibility of these new works depend on the movement of the natural light. You don't have to be in the right place or at the right time, you simply have to be there and the more you are there, the more of it’s manifestations you will see. You can never fully possess the complete image.

The translucent canvas that is stretched behind the glass obstructs the view but also ensures that the 'image' behind it becomes visible at all. Without it, the shapes and colours wouldn’t make sense. You need it to thread together what you (think) you are seeing